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Distinguished Argentines in the Midwest: Dr. Mario Zaritzky

The Argentine community in the Midwest of the United States is characterized by being composed of prominent figures in the scientific, academic, cultural and business fields.

Through the section "Distinguished Argentines in the Midwest” the Consulate has the intention to display the achievements of our citizens in this region and their relationship with Argentina.

We believe it is a good way to getting closer to our compatriots, knowing their concerns and discussing ways to improve the relationship between the Consulate and our community.

In this context, on March 29th, the Consulate was pleased to welcome Dr. Mario Zaritzky.

Mario was born on December 16th, 1956 in La Plata, where he graduated as a doctor in 1980 from the National University of La Plata and worked as Surgeon and later as an Interventional Radiologist at the Children's Hospital of La Plata.

Within the world of medicine, he is acknowledged for having created a revolutionary method for repairing congenital malformations of the esophagus through magnets without the use of traditional surgery.

In 2004, he had the opportunity to continue his career at the prestigious University of Chicago where, until 2006, he worked as an Instructor in the Department of Pediatric Radiology and, since 2007; he works as Assistant Professor in the same department.

His career is as extensive as successful. He has published numerous scientific papers, has been invited as guest speaker at several conferences and has two patents related to his revolutionary technique.

After 12 years living in the United States, his relationship with Argentina is constant and intense. "I am what I am thanks to my effort and to the public education that my country offered me. That's why I feel indebted and have an unwavering commitment and gratitude to my country" Mario says.

Moved by this commitment, he achieved the signing of an agreement between the University of Chicago and the National University of La Plata to promote the exchange of students and young professionals between the two institutions.

Moreover, he is the Coordinator of the Network of Argentine Scientists in the Midwest, a program run by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina. In this role, he was the vehicle for the signing of a comprehensive scientific cooperation agreement between the University of Chicago and the above mentioned Ministry on the occasion of the visit of Minister Dr. Lino Barañao to Chicago in 2015.

Dr. Zaritzky is committed and in constant contact with the Argentine community in the Midwest and is proud to emphasize that our citizens occupy leading positions in their fields. However, he notes with concern that our community is somewhat dispersed. Therefore, he believes that the Consulate and the various Argentine associations should work together to encourage more participation and achieve greater cohesion in order to successfully channel the concerns of all our citizens in this region.

Thank you very much Mario!

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