Consulado General en Chicago

Hunting permits requirements


a) Hunting permit form provided by this Consulate, signed by applicant before Notary Public.

Notary’s signature must be authenticated by the local County Clerk’s office.  Please add passport size picture to this form on upper right corner, frontal and light background. Please do not leave any field blank or unanswered. If it does not apply, say so by adding its abbreviation ‘N/A’. We will not legalize incomplete forms.  More than one firearm may be listed in one form, in separate column next to each other. If firearms are listed separately, each form must be notarized, authenticated by County Clerk and paid separately.

b) Notary’s signature must be authenticated by the local County Clerk’s office.  County Clerk’s Signature Registration form is provided by this Consulate. If same notary is used for several different hunting permits, only one Signature Registration is needed. As long as County Clerk’s tenure is valid, there is no need to send this Signature Registry each time a hunting permit is sent for legalization. If you are led to the offices of the Secretary of State, please ask for an ‘AUTHENTICATION of Notary’s signature, and not an APOSTILLE. This Consulate is not able to legalize documents that have an Apostille affixed.

c) $60 fee per permit applies. We only accept Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks payable to the Argentine Consulate.  We do not accept cash, company or personal checks. Expedite fee of $40 applies for any request outside normal processing time of 3 -5 days.
*If applicant chooses to appear in person, a previous appointment is required and the fee will be $80 Money Orders only.

d) Photocopy of first page of applicant’s passport.

e)  A prepaid postage envelope to return legalized permit.

It is the applicant’s sole responsibility to fill out this form accurately and clearly, verifying that its content is correct. This is the actual form that applicant will present to proper authorities upon arrival to Argentina.  This Consulate will legalize temporary hunting permits regardless of the state of residence of the applicant, as long as the Notary and County Clerk used are from one of the states of our jurisdiction.
We are closed on U.S. and Argentine Holidays.

Any other question, please contact Maria Peters by email at:

2-UPON ARRIVAL TO THE COUNTRY, you must present a form available at fill it out in triplicate, (print it three times) - you may declare up to three fire arms in this form. Have them available when you arrive. THESE FORMS DO NOT NEED

States of our Jurisdiction: Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio and Wisconsin.