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Julio Cortázar Footsteps in Film

In the celebrations of the 100th birthday of Julio Cortázar, from November 3rd to November 24th the Instituto Cervantes of Chicago in collaboration with the Consulate General of Argentina presents the film series “Julio Cortázar footsteps in film” based on the Argentinean writer´s work.

Julio Cortázar was one of the most revolutionary authors in modern Hispanic literature. His short stories and fantastic prose created a new literary style, which has continued to distinguished him from the rest of the world´s authors to this day.



November 3rd - 6:00pm

Cronopios and Famas

Director: July Ludueña

Year made: 2013

Duration: 86 min.

Production Country: Argentina

Synopsis: Tensions Between classes and genders, national and international, popular and formal, colored and black and white, figurative and abstract, revive the eternal discussion Between the opposing elements That imaginary cronopios and famas represent. The fantastic stories created by Julio Cortázar to describe reality are recreated in a fun cinematic collage drawn by famous Argentine painters.


November 10th – 6:00pm


Director: Manuel Antin

Year made: 1964

Duration: film - 80 min

Production Country: Argentina

Synopsis: A young woman lives with her parents. Her first two fiancés die tragically, one of a heart attack and the other commits suicide. The situation is rare around her until becoming untenable. Then a third Appears fiancé and I soon begins to discover a dark side of her personality That I can not understand.


November 17th – 6:00pm

Odd number

Director: Manuel Antin

Year made: 1962

Duration: film - 85 min

Production Country: Argentina

Synopsis: Luis and Laura live in Paris. Their existence is profoundly marked by Their past, not even from the distance Which Helps to forget them. Their mom writes every fortnight and the letters are a reaffirmation of a latent past That Refuses to be located in a distant corner of the memory.


November 24th – 6:00pm

Cortázar, Celestial Clockwork

Director: Tristan Bauer

Year made: 1994

Duration: film - 80 min

Production Country: Argentina

Synopsis: Tristán Bauer That Explains In This documentary film've Attempted to address Cortázar's biography as if it belonged to the great author's own narrative. Before the lens, Cortázar Becomes the protagonist of himself: his image equivalent to His thinking.


The screens at the Instituto Cervantes (31 W. Ohio St, Chicago IL) are free and open to the public. Space is limited. RSVP

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