Consulado General en Chicago

Presentation on Argentine Economy at Indiana University - Kelley School of Business

On January 24th, the Consulate General of Argentina in Chicago gave two presentations at Indiana University - Kelley School of Business.

The first presentation on Argentina's economy and business opportunities was addressed to students of the Master in Business Administration program, as part of the class EME Argentina - focused exclusively on the country. The presentation highlighted macroeconomic data from 2002 and the policies that allowed for economic recovery of the country, with emphasis on renegotiation of the public debt and the debt swap, the primary fiscal surplus, the trade balance and export growth . It was also made a special mention of the various investment promotion schemes and incentives existing in the country for capital goods, bio-fuels and the biotechnological sector, among others.

The second one, regarding macroeconomic aspects of Argentina - mainly linked to GDP growth data for the period 2003-2011/12, was addressed to undergraduate students.

Both presentations were based on information provided by the Under-secretariat for Investment Development and Trade Promotion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina. Material on investment promotion and copies of the book "Argentina's 2001 Default: Myths and Realities", recently published by the Embassy of Argentina to the United States, were distributed after the presentations.

Students of the Class EME Argentina (MBA program) will travel to Argentina from March 3rd to March 15th. There, they will held meetings with U.S. companies that have invested in the country, Argentine companies and NGO's.

Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, located in the city of Bloomington, Indiana, is considered by many agencies and institutions specialized in finance as one of the more prestigious business schools in the world.

By offering classes, presentations and collaboration in the organization of study trips, the Consulate General of Argentina in Chicago aims at promoting business opportunities in the country among future decisions makers and at fostering a long lasting relationship with the academia.


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