Consulate General in Chicago

World Malbec Day at the Chicago Wine Fest 2017

As part of the celebration of Malbec World Day, the Argentine Consulate in Chicago participated, along with Wines of Argentina, in the "Chicago Wine Fest 2017".

The "Chicago Wine Fest" is a wine tasting event oriented essentially to the so-called "millenials" and to a recently incorporated wine consumption audience.
The festival took place on April 22 and was divided into three sessions of three hours each.
Each batch had an estimated crowd of more than 400 people which brought a total of 1200 throughout the whole tasting.
On the part of the exhibitors participated 20 companies between warehouses, distributors and importers.
The flagship of Argentina had a notable role that was reflected in the high number of wineries participating and the institutional presence of Wines of Argentina.
The Argentine stand had an artist who performed a live work about Argentine wine and a place for visitors to take photos with motifs related to Malbec.
The following Argentine companies were represented through their respective local importers:
- Alamos Winery - Mendoza
- Bodega Del Río Elorza - Patagonia
- Bodega Luigi Bosca - Mendoza
- Bodegas Caro - Mendoza
- Bodegas Escorihuela - Mendoza
- Doña Paula - Mendoza
- Finca El Origen - Mendoza
- Pascual Toso - Mendoza

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