Consulado General en Chicago

"Masters Argentina 2018"

The Opening of "Masters Argentina" was held at the Argentine Consulate in Chicago on April 13rd. "Masters Argentina" is a forum organized by Argentine Masters' students attending to United States and Europe universities, who are committed to work for Argentina's development. The purpose of the activity is that students get to know each other, discuss the reality and challenges of our country in order to find different ways to work for Argentina's development. "Masters Argentina" took place in the city of New York in 2016 for the first time. Last year it took place in Boston. Chicago was the city selected this year. Masters Argentina was held between April13th and 15th. Approximately 200 students participated. The opening took place at our Consulate. Minister Sergio Perez Gunella, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Argentine Embassy to the United States visited the city of Chicago for participating as a Keynote Speaker at Masters Argentina and attended to the Opening event at our Consulate General. At the Opening, Minister Perez Gunella and Consul General Berardi Hueda, welcomed the students and the following Argentine leaders from public and private sectors who also attended to participate as speakers of Masters Argentina:

Martina Aenlle, Harvard- MBA 2018
José Manuel Aggio, VP Recursos Humanos YPF
Tomás Allende, Socio Beccar Varela Abogados
Juan Manuel Alsua, Chicago Booth- MBA 2018
Martín Berardi, CEO Ternium- Grupo Techin 
Agustina Fainguersch, Partner Wolox
Gabriela Gonzalez, Miembro Proyecto LIGO Ganador Premio Nobel Física
Alexia Keglevich, CEO ASSIST-CARD
Ignacio Lartirigoyen, Presidente Lartirigoyen & Cía.
Máximo Manganelli, Chicago Booth- MBA 2019 
Carlos Ormachea, CEO Tecpetrol- Grupo Techint
Francisco Ortega, Socio McKinsey
Martín Pasman, Presidente Valmont Industries de Argentina
Miguel Angel Peirano, CEO Coca-Cola Andina
Agustín Periano, Chicago Booth- MBA 2018 
Miguel San Martín, JPL NASA
Margarita Siri, Chicago Booth- MBA 2018
Ernesto Stein, Economista Principal en el Departamento de Investigación del BID
Silvina Sterin Pensel, Periodista. Corresponsal Todo Noticias / Canal 13 en EE.UU
Sean Summers, SVP Marketplace- Mercadolibre
Nicolás Tejerina, CEO Navent
Ignacio Arzuaga García
Josefina Ceirano
Alberto Boix, Chicago Booth - MBA 2018


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