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Argentina boasts a vibrant and diverse culture.

Tango, considered as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2009, has achieved world recognition and today stands out as the country’s chief cultural icon, illustrated by the rising tide of music sales, ticket sales for concerts and dance shows, tango classes, sales of shoes, adornments and specialized publications. The World Tango Championship is held annually in Buenos Aires; its variety of shows, free classes and exhibitions attract over 200 thousand spectators.

Folk music is also very popular, featuring dances such as the carnavalito, malambo, pericón and chacarera, all part of Argentina’s prolific and varied culture.

Argentina is internationally renowned for its literary wealth as reflected by its special guest status at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2010, the most important publishing event of the year. The ranks of legendary authors and poets include Jorge Luis Borges, its most famous exponent, as well as Ernesto Sábato, Adolfo Bioy Casares, Juan Gelman and Julio Cortázar, now followed by a new generation of talented young authors.

With over 540 publishing houses, the local publishing industry is among the most prolific in the Spanishspeaking world. Argentine offers one of the broadest book selections in Latin America, on show every year at the international Book Fair in the city of Buenos Aires, the largest book fair in the Spanish-speaking world. Buenos Aires was also elected “World Book Capital 2011” by UNESCO.

The filmmaking industry enjoyed a recent growth spurt during the last decade with the emergence of a new generation of new directors, who gave birth to the so-called “new Argentine cinema”. The local industry treasures its two Oscars for best film, awarded to “El Secreto de sus Ojos” (2010) and “La Historia Oficial” (1986) as well as another five nominations to this coveted prize. Argentina ranks second in the region in terms of premieres of national films with some 80 new releases per year.


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