Consulate General in Chicago

Promendoza and Argentine wineries visit


May 8th, 9th and 10th, "Promendoza" and the following Argentine wineries visited Chicago: Bodega Lagarde, Bodega Mi Terruño, A16, Group of Bodegas Now, Cecchin, Finca Buenaventura, Corveau, ViniTerra and Bodega Dos Puentes. Each one displayed new wines for the North American market.

The wineries participated in a Master Class by the award-winning and recognized Sommelier John McDaniel; They held B2B meetings with importers and distributors at the Argentine restaurant "El Che Bar", where presentations were also made by UPS company and MetaWines Distributors.

Argentine wineries did also visit Binny's, Whole Foods and Vin Chicago.

Commercial activities ended with a great event of commercial promotion attended by representatives of the food industry, where they tasted the wines and typical Argentine products: empanadas, meat with chimichurri and alfajores of cornstarch with dulce de leche.

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